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Tee Shirt Information

Hanes Size Chart
Small = 34 - 36
Medium = 38 - 40
Larg = 42 - 44
X Larg = 46 -48
2X Larg = 50 - 52
3X Larg = 54 - 56
4X Larg = 58 - 60
5X Larg = 62 - 64
6X Larg = 66 - 68

Hanes Youth
Size Chart
X Small = 2 -4
Small = 6 - 8
Medium = 10 - 12
Larg = 14 - 16
X Larg = 18 - 20

Hanes Women's Size Chart
X Small = 0 - 2
Small = 4 - 6
Medium = 8 - 10
Larg = 12 - 14
X Larg = 16- 18
2X Larg = 20 - 22




100% Polyester t-shirts are becoming more popular. They are great for working out and don’t soak up a ton of sweat like 100% cotton or even 50/50 cotton/polyester. The moister wicking properties of this t-shirt are very effective and getting better every day. If you have ever tried to workout and in a cotton shirt it soon becomes soaked, mishappen and heavy with sweat. It’s gross. Along comes the 100% polyester t-shirt. It’s light weight and feels very soft.

Trend towards thinner high quality t-shirts.
Here at www.coastTshirts.com we have noticed a trend towards a thinner higher quality t-shirts. More and more people are coming in looking for the thinner high quality t-shirts.
Now all of the major brands are offering a thinner high quality t-shirt. Hanes has the 4.5 oz. Nano T; Gildan has the 4.5 oz. Softstyle. Our favorite is the Nano T because of its tighter neckline. The only thing is that if you are on the edge of your size you may want to size up so if you barely fit in an Xlarge then you would want a XXlarge, the XXLarge are a little bit more than S – XL.

50/50 or 100% cotton? Silkscreen T shirt or golf shirt. That is the question.
Well as a Custom t Shirt Printer I have found that the 50/50 T shirts and golf or sports shirts of coarse don't wrinkle as bad but they run a little smaller than their 100% cotton counterparts. Most people in the Carlsbad and San Diego North County area prefer the 100% cotton T shirts or golf shirts for it's breathabillity. Also when you wash 100% cotton T shirts and golf shirts it shrinks to a point and then somewhat locks in place whereas the 50/50 tee shirts and golf shirts shrink a little tiny bit each time you wash it for the life of garment.

Silkscreen vs. Embroidery on T Shirts and Sports shirt / Golf Shirts.
Embroidery is usually for high end garments and hats even aprons.However many people in Sorrento Valley and La Jolla embroider on tee shirts and they like it fine.Some times it's hard to keep the embroidered design from puckering a bit on T shirts but even this can be adjusted.

Pique Sport Shirts vs Jersey Knit.
Pique is a more loose weave than the Jersey Knit. A lot of people find it more comfortable. Because of the loose weave it is hard to print intricate designs on Pique sports shirts but simple or blockish text and or logo works fine. The Pique sport shirt although priced similar on the low end is usually a higher quality shirt. Embroidery is what most Oceanside and North San Diego County people chose for there favorite Pique sport shirts.


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